For each edition, participants share their artworks via Instagram, by uploading their creations to their profiles and using the project’s hashtags to submit their work and enter the challenge. (See the rules page for details) Uploading your work is only half the challenge, participants must make sure to include in each posts description something their meal has inspired them to be grateful for.

From all the daily entries, a curated selection of artwork will be handpicked by our team to be published on the Munchy May official account each day for the full 31 days. After the full 31 days, artists are eligible to have their full set of all 31 illustrations showcased. This second selection is done as a way to promote the efforts of the artists that completed the challenge to say thank you for making it the full way. 

The challenge is to make it through the full 31 days in a row! But if your only able to participate for a few days then that's more than okay. The goal of this event is to express ourselves, sharing what we are grateful for to embody a new perspective, and most importantly to enjoy our creative process growing as artists!
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